Mafia games: The favorite of the Present times

Why kids like to play Mafia games?

Mafia games are the combination of adventure and action. Mafia series has been made to provide the true feeling of betrayal to the players. Mafia games are very popular among all the kids. Mafia world is completely unknown to the kids. By nature, they always want to explore unknown things. Moreover, fighting, new stylish cars, exciting stunts always attract kids. They find all of these things in mafia series games. They can get the perfect feelings of mafia world by playing this game. This is why kids love to play this game.


Why are the mafia games popular?

This is the game which you can play with your friends seating at home. You can play this game with your 8 friends. This is the game between two teams such as innocent people and the mafia. How the game it is you can easily understand from the name itself. The main concept of this game is that the mafia grabs the whole city and it’s the duty of all citizens of that city to root them out. At the beginning of the game, every mafia gives the identity of their teammates where only total number of mafia is given to the innocent people. There is an option to play the game live, but live games need a moderator who cannot participate in the game as a player. Game designer made this beautifully where they included two phases in this game such as day phase and phase. Interesting level has increased by including two phases in this game. Function of players is different in these two phases. Here is the function of these two phases:

  • Night: To make this game more interesting game designer added a night phase in this game. After closing eyes of all the players, the moderator gives instruction to the members of mafia to open their eyes and acknowledge their job. Some special action is performed secretly by them. Special action includes hitting, killing, murdering etc. In this game a town people is always the victim.
  • Day: All players open their eyes after getting instruction from the moderator. The moderator also announces that who died at previous night. After completing the special actions by certain player at night all players discuss and vote to lynch during the day. On the basis of voting one player gets eliminated every day. This is the alternative process and this process will be continued until all mafia gets eliminated. This is how the innocent people work to eliminate the mafia.


As I said previously this is the 8 members game. Each member may have different kind of roles and they are as follows:

  • Detective: Detective falls under innocent people who may learn the team of one player. Detective has the role at night.
  • Doctor: Doctor can protect the player who has the chance to be killed at every night. The Doctor also falls into the innocent people

Moreover, there are some other roles such as barman and vigilante. During the game you have to follow some general rules. Every player should not reveal their cards until they are dead. This is a small overview of this game. You can download this game and play later or you have to an option of live play. You can install it on your smartphone also. So play the mafia games and enjoy.